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R4toln€dy That a oonunlttee of be i^pointed in eaeh Btaie to eoper-

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danger of this kind, if only the dictates of ordinary

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precautions, including the use of the carbolized spray.

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(2) Purpura complicating Dijihtheria ... ... ... ... 55

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indigestion and diarrhoea are said by men of experience to

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tration of about 10 ~^ N or above. We made the solution acid by

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length the heart, becoming gradually more and more hampered by

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train of symptoms, than on a precise knowledge of the causation of the

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the apparent coma is due to morphin, but with the doses used coma is

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versity Medical School in Milwaukee, spoke on “Present

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Hot wastes, green isles afar his feet have prest. —

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ternal pile is a good operation, bat to do the same thing to an en-

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mittent fever. Having just had a case beautifully illustrating this point — al-

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of tonsillitis as an antecedent to rheumatism has led many

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and hideously distorted. Arms very stiff, not wasted ;

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tions not yet known, to (i) sloughing of the testes, (2) complete atroprry,

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Major research efforts in the areas of developmental neurobiology, sensory systems and neural

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which cause the skin affection and the consequent abnormal,

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thyroid Extract on the Distribution of Calcium. By A. Cantarow,

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neither of my two cases was this procedure possible.

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bone. It often happens that the teeth, that is to lay, the

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service in the case of a British army operating abroad becomes

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calls attention to a new disease — dermatitis radiodenes,

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boon to the surgeon in another way and that is in less-

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consolidation of the apex of the right lung. In one

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debate at the next meeting, to be held at Stanford on the

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to distinguish between the itching resulting from the pruritus

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indicative of serious mischief within the head be present, there

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bleeding medicine ; and in ITSi published a work on horseshoeing.

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and oedematous, and its vessels engorged ; there is also some small-celled

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the two lights acted in an equal way when the product i t in both

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