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plications as retention of the afterbirth, inversion of the
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von Linstow, 1902 q, by Jess] <Berl. thierarztl. Wchnschr. (3), 15. Jan.,
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clerk of works, and in May 1898 the hospital built under his super-
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Dr. Hamilton presented two cases to the class, illustrating
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■will serve to prolong life, for it cannot communicate fresh
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in man. A connection is supposed to exist between this bacillus,
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found dt-arl and in rigor on the morning of the third day. The
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knowledge in any conceivable topic related to the medical sciences and not
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publish an account of the following interesting case : —
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In a few weeks he was moved to London. The end did not
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mitted to this clinic primarily on the basis of need for continued, coordinated,
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h(!patization, for the purpose of aiding absorption, not
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to six months, and was marked by periods of alternate
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duced by the dissociation of 1 gram-equivalent, and A that at some other
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high breeding ; these qualities, however, become morbid when they are
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logic subject is Parkinson's; muscles never appear to be relaxed.
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throw the gravest doubt on the value of the operatioi. as
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the exceptional cases of disease. An instance has been reported by
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I have about 20 other cases that demonstrate the diuretic action
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LEES. " The True Thinker." By Dr. F. R. Lees. London. 1893.
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of her own heart, will felicitate herself with the reflection that she is
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nisht and Monday morning, during which time I attand-
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favourable than those obtained from soda. The following table shows
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and diuretics should be given. Hydrotherapy with diminution
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two cases of tetanus treated successfully with physostigmine ; a
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and therapeutic features of Trousseau’s syndrome. 2 More
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cholera infantum and dysentery were seen during the year.*
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wrist; and, therefore, bleeding from them must be controlled by
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Lewis C. Anderson, of Greenville, O., died July 24, aged 58.
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drate free diet. November 19 the phenolsulphonephthalein elimination
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nip (two pounds, for example, of greentops), and one pound of
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Mouse 3, 0.5 cc. of diluted culture (equals 0.0001 cc. of culture of Type I) + 0.5 cc. of
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