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them because they dr}- in a few minutes. I am a little surprised to hear

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on salivary calculus of the submaxillary gland associated with infec-

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Packer 8 Ink, for bales and trusses, is merely the dregs

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book of what was due me, which was all I had for securi-

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narrower limits the feasibility of the perineal operation (personal communication.

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insidious that she does not remember the exact date, she began to suffer

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characteristic of labio-glosso-laryngeal paralysis.

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on another occasion, shield the newly incised surfaces by a

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curred on the twenty-seventh day after the initial rise

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drainage. These cases are admirably treated by vaginal hysterectomy,

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poking his nose out, inability to swallow and if he can swallow it is pain-

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begin at the upper part of the cavity, and the integument should

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front a distinct depression, within a circular space from two to three

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says fpage 47) : "Directed in the next place to the

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work on Peru, dated 1843. The first scientific description of the disease

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Disposal of Carcases. — The local authority shall cause the carcase

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or. more than one occasion. Regarding the procedure for the radical

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langes show marked atrophy (Fig. 1). The radio-ulnar-carpal joint space of

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William Hartley Bunting, M.D. . F.R.C.S. Ed., Birmingham

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tions imposed by general ethics. I have heard a stock-broker say

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ertheless the legislature has destroyed the present principle

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A oooD many attempts are being made at the present time to

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magnet which attracted the most recruits to our ranks. This

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excellent military band. The walls of the Rotunda were

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and on the peninsula of Sinai led to similar conclu-

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