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operation was performed under strict antiseptic precautions, with
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inches ; occipito-frontal, six inches. Dentition retarded.
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tained on the eighth day after admission (13th day of illness)
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Medical Officers are entitled to the same allowances on account of wounds
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frequently very misleading ; it is well, therefore, in every case to ask the
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most frequently a double tertian, is the genuine produce
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Veterinary College, 1895) > Wilson, J. Oscar, D.V.M., Pendle-
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change whatever in the kidney, cortex, or in the tubes. This
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Columbia. By M. J. Rosenau, L. L. Lumsden, and Joseph H. Kastle. (Including
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In cases of bony injury the treatment of the bone itself is the most
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connection with the structures which they supply, and we shall require in
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from the profession than it receives. As a basis of social
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by a command to this effect of the Divine Architect : ' Let
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tected by the means noticed in connexion with produced
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The booJc concludes with miscellaneous notes intended
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membranes were similar to the results cbtained later when experiments
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tender, take that up also, and add to the soup a cup of
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Practical Medicine in the Long Island College Hospital.
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demonstrating anew the merits of perseverance. These cases,
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medical schools took place last week. At the Sixty-
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maximum amounts here advised should not be exceeded. The
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exti'act of valerian, castor, flowers of zinc, and aqueous extract of opium, and
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IVrithg on Glass hj the Bays of the Sun. — "' Dissolve chalk
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the sanguineous mixture of the purulent product of an ulcerous
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and Art of Obstetrics, 2nd ed., p. 250) ; Cazeaux {Theoretical
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Rev. Mens, des Maladies de I'Eiifance, April, 1M99, p. 187.
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burning the mouth with a red hot iron — the effects of
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and convulsive movements may be induced in a warm-blooded animal after the
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she is neither a doctor nor a nurse she must be familiar with the
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and a temporary aggravation of Bright*8 disease, under
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cereal food which he may select according to his own taste.
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produced and has entered the system. Experiments already mentioned have
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the course of a laparotomy from a woman, set. 65 (seen in consultation
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advocating his views before the members of the British Associa-
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