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generous amount of areolar tissue is permitted to continue to surround

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Lope di Vega and Calderon were flung aside, and patrio-

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Ephinephrine has been thought to be a substance which is secreted into

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coolness and calmness, free from any fashionable, temporary, or lo-

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years 1895 to 1899 inclusive. Dr. Anders shows that

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quackery in all its forms than any or all other measures

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self, — confidence founded on early training and opportunities

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grateful office of editor of the reports, falls into the error

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was not then aware that Piffard. of > T ew York,

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Mr. Henry Smith is also a strong advocate for this operation ;

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Everything depends upon the rate of flow of the water through the

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the pafiage that leads from it is broader than ufual.

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active, and are inadequate to check the progress of the inflam-

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of one of the so-called " congestive attacks " to which these patients are

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out that a disease may be thus endogenous, and yet the impetus to the

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purulent puerperal peritonitis successfully treated by puncture,

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explosive powder, the charge or contents of which are fired,

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impure coition. The glans-penis is often scalded by acrimonious leu-

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phorus acid. Upon cooling, the salt crystallizes in beautiful silky tufts,

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puffiness of the face. In other instances a violent attack of vomit-

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159. Notes of Two Cases of Thyrotomy. Mr. Fu gin Thornton . . . .162

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averse, in his weak state, to witness the experiment ; but

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t A. S. Head, Lieut., A.V.D., ' The Wear and Tear of Horses

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After much controversy among the medical men on the

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cate, flexible, double contoured. Crista. — Absent. Terminal Finely Spiral Fila-

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This may be seen in an animal whose thorax has been opened

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The Journal, the official organ of the Medical Society of

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"The spinal cord is the seat of well-marked second-

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