Diego Revia

scrutiny ; in the course of half an hour not less than
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painful, as a means of shortening the agony which has to be under-
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of this essay will be presented, can be explained m any way, it will be
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pure air. To-day fresh, pure air is the first demand in the
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dice. The falol coating on the bile pills, which amounted to
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still of necessity, in its highest sphere, what in mo-
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the body., as to affirm that sound exists before an excitement
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Jenkins reports that he and his associates always employ the
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The truth i-, thai a Laboring man, with a family to support, is
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are treated with dilute acetic acid, when the filtrate is tested with
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Other proposals have been offered to deal with these
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and sense of position is moderate though ing evidently with a traumatic hemorrh-age
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This statement is well supported by the publications of
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of bills is necessarily difficult. Medicine is a vocation, a profession —
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defileth the fingers, and if the pitch is hot burns
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by means of one long, unbranching process, which becomes continuous
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The drawings are well done, clear and explanatory, and add greatly
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have the AmeHcan Journal of Physiology, edited in 2 volumes
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of breathing ; pulse 72. Thirty drops of laudanum were administer-
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neighborhoods. But the conservatism obtaining there, will
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General and Medical Director to the Department of the
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of infection in the nasal sinuses is being recorded, and in many instances
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in the form of Fowler's solution, three drops a day, as a preventive of symp-
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adenoma should be inspected very minutely for signs of infiltration
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a.m. (2 hours), ^i glyco heroin given, cough ceased in about
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reluctantly obliges us to omit Dr. Stokes' valuable communication of the case
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A Clinical Study ot Puerperal Peritonitis A Clinical Contri-
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Obstetrical Memoranda, Clinical Emergencies, Poisons and Antidotes,
diego revia
Purpura. — Schonlein's purpura, Henoch's purpura, and Werlhof 's
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depressed on either side ; the suckers are located at
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the passage of forces into the gall-bladder, while per-
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lieves the case one of hysteric fever due to the autosug-

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