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here plays its part. Gentlemen, you know that the beautiful electro-

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vary in size from that of a pea or bean to that of a closed fist, or

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and may serve as an example for those who have never

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Respiratory distress on top of weakened alveoli will greatly aug-

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of evidence concerning the life - history of the micro - organism which

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ment could be observed in the sections from these lungs. In every

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good feed, with no more cold water in it than will keep the

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lack, M.D.; George F. Sutherland, M.D., Ph.D.; Procter Cook

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It may seem but a little thing in an individual case ; but what we have to

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may be found to consist in defective nutrition and assimilation.

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11 each. Washington 9, Boston 4, Baltimore, Providence, Lynn,

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Ask a Freshman how it came out. For our part we refuse to answer. Comedy

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tion of some importance in several respects, it seems fitting that I

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to promote the absorption of the food. Milk, buttermilk,

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divided into schools. If we have reason to believe,

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The further purification of each of these fractions was laborious,

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mind in which the current of desire is flowing toward one high end.

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symptoms, there is no opportunity for further observation. He

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and the lymph vessels following the course of the arteries, the

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contain iron or copper, from which it may be separated in the

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caused by external violence, it is evident that we must conclude that

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because the nodules on the face were very large ones. Syphilitic nodules of

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about in perplexity. Men of his own age wondered to whom

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