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causes, over which the agency of man had no control ;
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out. There should always be a man riding on each truck
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fection are for the most part physical in character and com-
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tain, and there is no room left for doubt as to the cause of
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grew older, entailed on it many inconveniences, such as
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cadavers examined, showed signs of pelvic peritonitis having
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in contact with it, might produce a sloughing eschar.
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brane"? and, simple as the query sounds, there would be
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the procedure^ following the plan of ^layo and others, in order to
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and is willing to devote time, money and mechanical
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It was accompanied by distant thunder and by hail. Rain fell in
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sion, he had prescribed the Pulsatilla with very happy effect.
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kenly supposing that any medicine prepared for the blood will be
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in creosote or carbolic acid are most dangerous. Pigs should
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resist other remedies, but may materially diminish the risk of hepatic
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England as the standard of the language, has been shown to be
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shall belong the first right of publication, if arrangements are not com-
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emphasized the fact that the amount of protein eaten was not good
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fection are for the most part physical in character and com-
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preserve for our patients important members which our teachers,
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e re read , Quu m fecund* ft atim a fart % jjerint y
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the sea level; yet I am confident that, in the end, it will be
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contact with lepers, but who nevertheless became diseased at or after
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following influenza on the 20th October 1918. No post-mortem
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only spore-bearing bacilli grew. From the roots of several
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occurred in association with Serratia marcescens septicemia.

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