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plan we found most successful in every particular, and in the

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when fired in a loose state gives out vapour of nitrous acid, but

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It is suggested that a bureau should be established in London in which

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Sewers are the pipes or channels which carry off the liquid

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tions or sectional jealousy. Ifatioyial does mean centralization —

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have severe headaches, which so interfered with her

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Dr. Pringle attributed the improvement in this case to the vaccines — i.e.,

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The ' subscription system ' [proposed at Philadelphia] has undoubt-

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tion than in any English town of equal population. In Geneva this

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there were swelling, redness, and pain in the tarsal articulations,

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alternating with heat, loss of sleep and appetite, head

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examination, he informed me that he had several times seen stomachs

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through the gray matter, supphes the underlying white substance for a

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argus eyed, over our borders and seaports to keep out cholera,

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layers of the Broad Ligament, and measuring six inches in its long

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formalin. It was to test this " multiplying " rule that the authors

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to social life and to that of London only, I find much

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mon result. Although in no instance did the disease arise ex-

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case, but not with the same happy result — the disease

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of the pituitary gland and its hormones, control of pituitary gland

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tion, or discoverv, if it be substantiated, which is not impossible, is a

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ricochet bullet has been known to fly almost directly upwards to

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be great constitutional disturbance. If the condition of the tissues in this

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which has introduced a new era in the history of medicine.

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On the ninth day he complained of nausea and fatigue.

It is also known that debilitvhas a decided tendency to cause excessive action

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because it prevents the mercaptan group, which results on the

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anaemia was associated he administered arsenic ; but he very rarely gave

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the left clavicle is found to be prominent, and there

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retains the attitude of one advancing. The experiment was tried,

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nervous system. There was also degeneration of the pyramidal tracts,

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