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work. He, however, wrote the Epilogue for Addison's


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they are of opinion that Alexandrian senna is more active than either the

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acute as well as in some of the chronic forms of the

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outward and backward; the internal (posterior) passes up-

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the mare lay down, began straining and groaning and seemed to

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cularly liable to suffer from phossy jaw. The disease, though it affects

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do. Do not give purgatives. This is an axiom scarcely necessary

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afterwards, however, endeavour to prove that this is not only an error,

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fact proved to be that the patient was suffering from a dis-

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Sewers are the pipes or channels which carry off the liquid

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heart soon ceases to beat, but can readily be made to do so again by

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The second plan may be designated as the acid plan, and consists in

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23. Reilly. F. H., Nolan, F. W., and Lusk, G. : Phlorhizin Diabetes in Dogs,

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getting worse when she returns home again. Most commonly,

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From these facts it is clear that neither the nuclei of the sheath

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survived the equal illumination by an ordinary arc lamp. (2)

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been recovered from ; thus resembling the state of things met with in

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