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(5) All the sub-vaccinees of the vaccinifer (who himself subsequently

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A theory of the pulse must of necessity be engrafted on, and be

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cases that originate so much controversy and are the occasion

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thus putting the cerebro-spinal nerves of the abdominal wall on

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tion, I will appoint Drs. J, J. McGovern, Levings, J. C.

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Arms stiffen in extension. Moderate grasping power.

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* St. George's Hospital Reports, vol. i. p. 103. London, 1866. A more

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gestion of the lungs are not uncommon results of this


(c) Have the patient pass his urine and give an urethral

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phenomenon which belongs to the last agony. The inconsiderable

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ous ruthlessness. Kings, nobility and the people joined

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shown that while a certain quantity of diastatic matter

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The veterinary attendant must be no less particular, a

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Case III. — Mrs. C, set. twenty-eight. Dr. B. first saw

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states that it is not surprising that trivial traumatisms produce marked

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I have often repeated the experiment in the form given below. The ambo-

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cirrhotic Bright's, one an advanced inflammatory Bright, one a case

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class, or those in which the head is the part that presents, divided

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Turner, Melvin H., Hammondsville, Essex Co. Original.

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abdomen. It is, he says, a matter of extreme difficulty to be

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out the implication of the muscles of respiration, may

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Abyssinia, etc. That the rarefaction of the air does not, hovrever, of itself favor

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of one of us (M.),^ on intravenous injection of the drug in rabbits, has

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Leghorns, on the side. (We wonder what he means?) - Ingush

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the Edinger projection apparatus, and in projection the image was reversed so as

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calorifacierit or respiratory class) consists of oily and fatty materials;

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a perfusion experiment. Another objection depends on the fact that

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From these sponge experiments I conclude that whereas into the con-

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classic clinical features of botulism include a descending ^

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<h!r than that wliicli ap[)earM in the rejiort of the .Secretary

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tion of the lungs.:}: Thus, in those warm-blooded animals which have

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the several reports entire. We will consider, first, the several localities

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the kidneys have been found in a state of advanced atrophy or

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A Modern Private Sanitarium for the Diagnosis, Care and Treatment of Nervous and Mental Disorders

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submitted to Dr. Frank P. Underbill, a food expert of Yale. The families

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irregularly shaped foreign body for so long a time in the face without de-

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city libraries, having been employed by that useful institution to collect

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and if the bowels are too sensitive to bear the squill or calomel,

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enough heat-producing food, of a vegetable character, to impart

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