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reform to reach the meridian, and the Botanic practice to be voxpopuli.

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it is that these civil societies can be seen at their best. For instance,

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between lung and costal pleura must ofttimes be not very firm, and

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pregnancies except the two described, nothing peculiar has

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foreign physicians, Drs. W. Gull, Pavy, and Grainger,

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may be excluded by a cotton filter, and it has, long ago, been

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tuberculosis. She requested operation, a gastro-enterostomy, or whatever

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of the uterus. And in that symposium there was a good deal of dis-

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and, though only a temporary fall of heat took place, great improvement in

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be avoided in vesical tuberculous disease; and, second, in patients who

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alone. In 100 consecutive cases taken from Sir Spencer Wells'

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Electrical treatment has frequently been applied, but I cannot say

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ney in Bright' s disease, "form one uninterrupted chain, from

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edge of the tibia, then posteriorly upward to a point in

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ciation, at its recent meeting, the following remarkable case : —

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and iiritation or soreness are great, the poultices recommended for

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under one year of age 770: acute diseases of the respiratory

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It has been said that pulmonary tuberculosis in the active stage was

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to get the extremities, and the entire body to become

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rial that arteriosclerosis followed long continued tension, local lesions,

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higher animals, the heart is evidently under the controling in-

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Dr. William Zentmayer wished to recall to Dr. Weidman's memory a

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degenerated fibers may not be evenly distributed throughout

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Falling fuknefs and catalepfy, fometimes caufed by worms

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some time. Boudet used the instrument in accordance with the

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munity of interest in their villainies. Possessing, as

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Bartels thinks that a spasmodic contraction of the bronchial muscular tissue plays

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We have three gentlemen of the lancet in this place, and they all pass

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Mrs. Hannington spoke of the Victorian Order of Nurses. There

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irritation. This is no petitio pnnctpn invoked to bring apparent exceptions

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San Fernando and a division field JKMpiial eHtalilitlifrd

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been restored. Such an assumption is gratuitous, because the mechan-

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Vladivostok, and each man is required to bathe, while his clothes

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The divided tissues were brought together in the usual way, and then

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