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leg. An object is picked up off the ground by bending the

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When writing advertisers please mention the Journal.

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Society's Transactions for 1S67) on a case in which the Caesarian

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yellow froth and much serum. In the right middle lobe and in the left

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patient died from accidental suffocation soon after the

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to the bladder ; a posterior, related to the rectum ; and a

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from the beauty of the human carriage as distortion of

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bow. A touch, or an attempt to move or swallow, provokes a violent

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backward. If the stump is large other ligatures may be used, but as none of

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dingy and crowded dwellings, are important factors in producing the high

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such cattle?" I believe that Robert Koch's views, expressed before

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its aids, that we may apply them and cherish them, and in

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the pneumotoxin inert through chemical processes or

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Dr. Smith, of Philadelphia, opened the discussion on the

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heat up again, the blood-corpuscles become the great carriers of that caloric of

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treatment in the Army and Navy General Hospital, granted

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I have been in the constant practice of medicine for the last thirty-

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There are two other varieties of the* cypripedium, C. ancale and

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been rapid, and the patient has spent most of his time

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