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A patient whom the house physician Dr. Frese represented as being
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September 25th, urine contained albumin and casts. Temperature, which
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bean. The pulp, put up with sugar, gives us tamarinds as we
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December 16th. Up to that time his weight had increased eight pounds, al-
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ferent degrees of liability to exposure in the two sexes.
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eoujd wisely decide upon such eoin]>lcx hospital j)i'ohleiiis as are
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perature, etc. in pseudo-crisis, while it disappears with the true crisis.
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I do not approve always of Carlsbad diet for the given
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system, and the philosophy of the physiology of metabolism,
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softening; and, finally, they may excite acute tuberculous meningitis.
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sume too much nitrogenous food, especially those who inherit
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is much to be said on both sides here. It would be an ideal
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(II.) Pernicious Malarial Intermittent. — This truly serious form
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To sum up, we have in the nerve apparatus of the skin facilities
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emaciation. Moreover, the physical signs are more frequently referable
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racteristic. In the early stage it may be normal, or in some cases chlo-
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rhythmic, propulsive contraction, can more than the merest fraction of
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cents is paid for a cup of tea or coffee, with bread and butter
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solution of carbolic acid or an equal volume of a freshly prepared solution of
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.Suiue American soldiers are sure to return with feigned disease
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long as he lies in the bath. Only changes in the circulation can ac-
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gall bladder, x'oii may take these organs, scratch them, burn them
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work. A few introductory remarks may afford an insight into the
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talk with the sufferer, he suddenly exclaimed " Oh !" and immedi-
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tub bath, or when the latter is impracticable on account of lack of
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Condensed milk is a useful product, and as it comes from
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epidemics many '" grippe " patients sufi"er from intense headache — oc-
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in this affection the history is different, and the associated clinical fea-
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ease. Slipshod treatment, be it medicinal, dietetic, climatic, hydro-
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the ordinary pus-producing streptococcus. Frankel and Kirchner have
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Coit and Hastings were general practitioners, the latter the
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sion in this practical work to establish the remarkable effect of a judi-
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Dr. Patterson, of Edgefield, S. C, made the ingenious sugges-
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develops. During the following remission of fever the headache, lumbar
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undergo purulent disintegration and sometimes calcification. Other
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