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of the perineum is worthy of mention. The chapters on tumors are

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appreciable by manual exploration, and those in which the oonte&ts an

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tion has not met with the attention which it merits ;

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transcendent achievements of Pasteur and Koch ; for these

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(Osier). These, however, are the amorphous phosphates, and do not

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tration of castor oil. One day sand was found in the stools, fol-

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Advertisements — The journal is published the first week of the month. Advertising copy must be received no later than the first of the month preceding issue. Advertising

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of diphtheria, and of the eighteen patients tracheotomized every one

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from the pelvic organs and caused by retroversion of the

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tion of the blood ; usually, however, it is still distinctly red, because it gen-

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the joint affection, already waning, disappeared more quickly, a facial palsy

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for years, the only intelligent solution that could be arrived at

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all clots were removed from Douglas's cul de sac. In order

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tonos of Infants," published in *S7. Bartholomeio s Hospital L'cjiorfs for

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tudinal cut on the upper surface, it is seen that the anterior

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radical improvement having been made since last year.

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of other men. The effect of his convictions on his medical friends

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secretion whenever one of these animals is subject recently issued from the laboratory

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substance; epithelial casts stained with hsemoglobiu, and also some

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cases of so-called hay fever in England than in Scotland, which

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cannot be said to act from experience, but only from analogy. The

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B. : Intravenous Administration of Bovine and Human

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Bartholow, that if enough bromide of potassium is given the patient

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cases it is associated with disease of bone, syphilis, or scrofula. Of sixty-

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resorts when once they discover them. Several hundred people

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accumulates and stagnates in the arteries, veins, and capillaries, and

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flu arm. Sept. 7th. At -i p.m. was allowed to have a little warm gruel, followed

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of .the capsule are folded into the cyst and united with a

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a bath, upon his guard as regaids the danger to the

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cases which are reported we have considered of sufficient interest to be sub-

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to two or three weeks, during which the constitutional symptoms are

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in this study generally is consistent with data reported

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ous, reducing agent, and as a metal with which to com-

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