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anthrax. jSTow if his operations have been accompanied by adequate

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well as the frequent appearance of menstruation during the disoi'der.

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mycosis." — 95. BosTROM. Zeigler's Beitr. ix. 1890. — 96. Pawlowsky and

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ides was apparently not this disease ; nor was the destructive pestilence

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Albuminuria is certainly not more — in our case it was rather less —

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rays in a heated atmosphere, to a heated atmosphere in the shade

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The grand desideratum, therefore, if it be necessary to continue the

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the large subject of the nature of lymph would be to pass too far afield;

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the only etiological factor which has been definitely shown to have

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salts in wine are further beneficial. Champagne of good quality is useful

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of the bacillus in which it is developed, and thus is formed what is

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gain of healthy exercise and relaxation be so small as we should at first

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determination is closely related to changes set up in the vessels at the

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the epidemic, otitis of the middle ear and abscess following upon influ-

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by surrounding thickening and tenderness ; and, if superficial, by oedema

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nises with the wide dissemination of the disease, and with the sudden

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Rhenish Prussia. These resorts base their efficacy not so much upon

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ice before it enters the bath. The extra pressure used for medical pur-

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Ceutratbl. f. Bakterlologle u. Pcu-asitenk. from 1890 onwards ; also Deutsch. med.

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is at first defective, and vision imperfect ; indeed, both the optic and

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strabismus, and regulate the treatment accordingly. In the following

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by the similar method of treatment in diphtheria. In both cases there

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such as the vibrio of Finkler-Prior, the bacterium coli, the bacillus

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in intensity of reaction between serum and vibrios has been observed.

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cases of paresis of the lower extremities associated with muscular wast-

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render him a most important acquisition to the Institute.

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possessor, it gives him universal knowledge, with little short of ubiquity

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facility with which it sometimes spreads — for the absorbent power of the

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of these patients were sailors the local character of the outbreak cannot be

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remain for years without any advance, continuing perfectly stationary to

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have at least the consolation of having rendered darkness visible. Our in-

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In almost all, if not in all cases, it takes a long course of inoculation with

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