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extensive than in Necturus and extends forward almost to the
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rate is usually low in proportion to the fever; thus a patient corning in with
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was familiar with the names and with parts of books
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" The Prevention of Cholera," or extoling the surpassing value
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B.A. 1946, Cornell University; M.D. 1950, University of
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mosis, which, although often formidable in appearance, is really
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ting less air. This is, however, only a quantitative difference,
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body of scientific and practical physicians; yet so important
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columns. They arc followed and approved by those most accustomed to
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predicate that interference will ultimately be necessary long before any urgent
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kinds of foot baths; authorities differ as to their value. Hot water
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rary decrease in the size of the gland. When fully developed, the
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hippocampal gyre, the precuneus, and the lateral postero-
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the highest hygienic standards, the conditions could be
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are made, for this method is apparently applicable to
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inferior thorax. Odematous swellings are seen along the belly
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all thickened gravies, hashes, etc., boil away very fast and dry
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The peritoneum is now exposed, covered usually by fatty areolar
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but it is written to call the attention of the section to
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injudicious degree, and is capricious and " freaky " in
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bone, white and perfectly bare. This exposed portion of bone was found to be
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in warm water, as it produces no great degree of nausea or
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— Dr. D. G. Brinton, of Philadelphia, who has re-
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intimate mixture of the food with the digestive juices, and by bringing
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purposes: The transportation of the sick and wounded and the
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dog. It took 50-100 cm. absolute alcohol diluted with
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to them. The money which should have clothed and fed them was
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gestive and dental neuralgia, also including visceral neuralgia, in
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affected are the delicate and complicated movements of picking up a pin
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Tetanus is a common disease in certain localities. There are

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