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a certain motion of the spirits, which exhaust themselves ;

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Surgery. By Eugene Fuller, M.D., Professor of Genito-Urinary and Venereal Diseases

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plicated with features due to the presence of hairs), the popliteal

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the hysterical affections of the breast and of the joints, which will be

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While she is asleep she hugs the child so closely to her bosom that she

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on the pans, the rest-point as indicated by the pointer is at the zero

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of old scars. The colour and shape of the lesions, or scars, and the odour,

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syphilis ; in many cases, indeed, they exist at a period when all other

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Diagnosis. — Well-marked cases present no difficulty, but a discrimina-

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It has been shown that in many particulars dull and backward

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small mother-of-pearl button, to which they have been compared by Mr.

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disappeared ; but in others, though life may be preserved, there may be

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he had a spice of the blacke or yellow jaundies ; he is leane,

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thermal senses, in so far as they are distinct, are also concerned.

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loosens the hairs, and directly attacks the fungus. By the use of

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