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the experience of others, than to wait until I had ac-
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and inter]n-et the prominent lesions seen in the 2^ost
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lege to all the Universities, on the ground of the dif-
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sented any symptoms of gout, a peculiar liability to
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called for within a year after the appearance of the
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as also that we may see how deeply we are interested
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told that the thii-d dose had relieved her, and that
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most effectually, by doing nothing at all. But it is
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result, whether by a reissue of schedules, or by any
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perpetual to the Practice of the Physicians and Surgeons and to all
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forty-six infants thus prematurely brought into the
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good-will even of those who may not approve of the plan he
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in eveiy way practicable the nutritive functions and
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man of the old Border breed, strenuous, peremptory,
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able for the extremely acute course it had i-un, cUffer-
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of sections, should such be thought necessary or ad-
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otu-selves in these pages. It is out of the question
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distilled water, of which one spoonful is taken every hour, except
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that it was an aneurism. Such were the grounds for the
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I intended. I merely meant, that the blood is defi-
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Attempts had been made to get some vinegar into her stomach, with
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nothing can be done by the Poor-law medical officers
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differently graduated, sometimes by a different mode of using the
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beneficial uses of venesection, was an adult mau, who
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aware of." He then gives a table of over 203 children
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moval of diseased bone fi-ora the carpus, with those
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to arrive at an arithmetical acciu-acy by a vaginal
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out. When nitro-benzine is introduced either through
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di'uggists from j^ractising medicine also, than the

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