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is secured around his neck, and over this a rubber sheet is similarly

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the control of the sim]>le form of thyroid hypertrophy and this

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Let it be understood that the object of this bath is not alone to

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dice by simple cold-water irrigations of the intestines. After failure

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demics were observed both in Europe and the United States, and subse-

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resulted in perforation. The bile is thin and j)ale.

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hemorrhages into the skin, mucous membranes, and various viscera occur.

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food, as milk, meat, eggs, flour preparations, etc., all, however, in

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of the yen- Yorl- Medical .1 oxrnnl . ,sho\viiig how a Xorwegian

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broncho-vesicular breath-sounds and with or without subcrepitant rales.

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is evident from the following extract from Hare's " American System of

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time and is extremely inconstant. Not all of the maculae are converted,

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compresses are useful auxiliaries. An excellent mode of managing

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hyperaemia. Frequent slapping (Abklatscheu) facilitates the attain-

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larva from entering the ground and changing into its pupa

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The demonstration of elastic fibers is also an important aid to diag-

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the latter can be found the primary tuberculous lesion must be sought for

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the open air is concerned. Now, at five thousand feet build

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administered without fear and without favor, but it is not to be ex-

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tinct from the start may terminate in recovery within a shorter time than

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on the nervous system and its diseases, and what great work

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tissue elements. There are cases in Avhich it cannot be distinguished

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begins which stamps the disease and ushers in the second stage. The

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the entire chest from the clavicles down to the umbilicus, with

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of muslin and moving it to and fro in the tub. The latter should be

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some idiosyncrasy of the individual, or from something they

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instances recorded in the literature where focal or general infec-

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as languor, anorexia, headache, dulness, slight chills, increasing fever,

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remaining portions of the body from the shock. In fevers the high

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eight ounces each of cold boiled water, containing as a placebo and

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ties dwarf better than others. Some pear-trees require to

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pure. Here is their mission : they give good pure water and

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of the most desirable of all our army posts for officers and

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the fourth ventricle and some other parts of the brain and

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2. Unlike other foodstuffs, it cannot be stored in the system

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typhoid fever than in the first was amply demonstrated in this case.

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ate the general muscular and nerve tone, lavage should not be resorted

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and he should have 'the right independently to direct them where

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relieved by the use of quinin, Dover's powder, and camphor, as before

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