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cell. The largest are about 30 /* in diameter, the smaller ones about

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simply putting a piece of charcoal in the pot. Lentils are far

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However, the characteristic colour of the skin, to which the

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** Now I entertain no doubt that cases of tnis class have been set down by the

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American from the 2nd English Edition. Philadelphia: Blanch-

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On the first Sunday of every month they are allowed to remain out

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the tibia and fibula. He had had influenza and pneu-

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the total number of men examined showed pneumococci of one or

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School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania; Fellow in

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tuberculosis. Five plates were also examined by Major Price.

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diarrhoea lies in its differentiation from Asiatic cholera. This point settled,

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generation, although the parents of the child affected will

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when standing on the right foot the left heel did not touch the ground by

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chloric acid without the intervention of a nervous sjrstem or

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growth of the formation. But either carries instruction

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12 inches long. The " tendo Achillis" seeujs to have been a

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main building is a very spacious and imposing structure of brick, with

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That day the patient had moved his bowels five times, but there was no pain.

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3. Newburger JW. Burns JC: Kawasaki syndrome. Cardiovasc Clm 1989; 7:453-

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of other tissues are secondary and due to nerve-degeneration (impaired

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moves uneasily, kicks at the belly, looks at the flanks with

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always present, whereas in Friedreich's ataxia it is in-

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asserted that there were not teti sober men in the command." No case

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Distilled or boiled water should always be used to effect the dilu-

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nary napkin as a covering to the vulva: during that

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by no means every case of tuberculosis will yield to the

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dies were given without amelioration. Finally hamamelis was

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