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accompanied by an increase of irritation in the stomach and bowels.]

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contain the consonants in which voice is a component element. In

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Art. 140. — Report on the Treatment of Ulcers in the Hospitals of

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bone existed only as a thin shell. With a little force the shaft could

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ing, for there is the value of their manure to be taken into

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Iteneath its walls. We may add that the dysentery death-rate in the

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plete" and laryngeal in character. On examination of the larynx the

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was broken by the ribs. Although the patient died, his

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pations — and a proportional increase of the time for

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that the sigmoid was palpable. The feces were slightly acid in reaction,

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is no reason to think that cholera and typhoid stools, if thrown on a

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legs. These examinations by the teacher should be made

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professional and public opinion, and insist upon medical practice of high and

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diseases had been considered one and the same. In the course of the eight-

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made from cultures on a variety f)f media incubated up to 5 days. In

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it is in air, and that the poisonous action of carbon monoxide is increased

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Then he goes on frankly to criticise his colleagues :

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the end of the eleventh and early twelfth centui'ies, at the time of the

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and accompanied with ■ sense of suffocation. lli> mother rtated

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occupy the entire cyst except for a small granular '^rest" body.

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The method is especially ajjplicable to acne, and good

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the piece of tooth. In the pieces examined after six

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strength of the drug, and another will only represent rive per

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Would require plaintiffs in medical malpractice suits to file

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