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Spleen. — Injury to the spleen is evident because of severe local

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and urine are sometimes present. The spasm usually subsides suddenly, the

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Symptoms. — Influenza comes on suddenly. A feeling of chilliness,

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indications for treatment are, therefore, to sustain the heart and to reduce

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asphyxia, or from discharge of the abscess into some neighboring cavity or

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Other types exist, whicli, although irregular, are unquestionably modi^

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wounds, where the artery and vein are both wounded, the blood flowing

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Moisture. — A certain amount of water is always necessary for the

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Podophyllum {\ gr. of the resin) given with cannabis indica or henbane is

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portion has the same tough, "liver-like"' characteristics as in congenital

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importance. All the clothes and excretions of the patient should be dis-

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present. In cases of fractures or amputation, the periosteum recedes,

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may be lesions accounting for this condition. The curvature is the re-

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in a few days the entire wound is filled with new cells (granulation-tissue

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Blue or Green Pus is due to the presence of the B. Pyocyaneus.

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usually arrest it. In many instances, fresh air, cleanliness and a restricted

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less pain. A prolonged course of alkaline mineral water has been found

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suspected, when in addition to the sudden appearance of blood and albu-

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collapse, it is almost certain that perforation of the intestine has occurred.

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to the jiropriety of tracheotomy the opinion of the profession is divided.

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patient, and that change is first indicated by a diminution in the frequency

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in very fine dust-like flakes, -which may pass unobserved. The eruption

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case is one of true, or bony, ankylosis. The history of the case will deter-

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