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an instinctive fondness for procuring his change or
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Not one person has died up to date. ( It is sixteen months
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lem given him ; with all this he maintained his wonted business
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tised in Germany for many years past. In Austria a sanitary
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the Spanish niiiestro, Sefior Manuel Garcia, who was born in
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ently sterile nntil four days after the operation, when a
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Information as to any of these remedies in the form of descriptive circulars
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worms or hydatids: by stricture in any part of their course,
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but rather from a review of all the statistics that we can
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the legs ; secondary superficial abscesses in both lungs, and lobular pneu-
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about the top of the thigh, and a slight shortening of the
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derive significance from the fact that Bacillus welchii infections in
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quantity of liquor amnii that escaped; the placenta
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ment, but gave a different explanation of the phenomena observed. In a preg-
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by keeping the sound side to the examiner. The lame
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interstitial myringitis is comparable with the disease of the cornea, and
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left ; the right hath more blood than spirit, which spirit is
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Wassermann was not tried. If the ulceration progressed more
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Parish's preference for the finger over the curette is based,
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tianity inhibiting culture, it was the most important
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with a hydrant breaks we stop the flow of water by putting a foot
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inoculating diphtheritic products have obtained always diphtheria .
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As a pathological fact this may be true, but from a clinical
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remained at 60 and was extremely thready and intermittent. The
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Fiat unguentum. In herpes, alternated with the simple water
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This rule was new in April 1917. Assuming the possession of
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in 1877, one °f i* s leading features was the revision of the con-
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from the perfused organs of a shocked animal is less than that from the
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abdominal cavity, thorough disinfection, and, finally, closure of
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The stable sergeant has immediate charge of the police and sanitary

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