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A Guide to Buying the Perfect Gift - For Her

If you want to make sure your he gets you a gift that you won't have to pretend to like (or even be able to identify), make half a dozen copies of this article and place one in all of his favourite spots around the house. Just make sure he can't say he didn't see it.

Guys, let's face facts - when it comes to buying a gift, your natural instincts are all wrong. It's not your fault, its just part of your DNA (Deficit of Natural shopping Ability). But don't worry, you can overcome this shortcoming and find the perfect present for her if you follow these ittle steps:

Make a list of all the gift's things you've been thinking of getting her. When you are through, light the list on fire. Admit it it's awful.

Think harder and make another list of gifts. Spend some time on it. More time than, say, the commercial break during the football game. Good.

Now, look over the list and mark out anything that:

  • Requires an extension cord

  • You'd enjoy using as much or more than she would (and yes, this includes sexy lingerie)

  • Can only be purchased in a DIY store or petrol station

  • In any way implies that you don't like her body, her hair, or her mother.

  • If there's anything left on the list, mark it out too

Excellent! Now we're getting somewhere. This time, make a list of what she enjoys doing in her spare time. When she's not working or raising the children or you or running the household or returning the gifts you got her for her last birthday. Add as many things as you can; try to get the list up to at least two items.

When she's out of the house, snoop around a little. Are there candles in the bathroom? What seems to be her favourite scent in body oils and lotions? What books does she read? Have you found that skydiving kit she hides in the garage? By doing a little research you can narrow down her list of interests.

Grab the list and head to the shops. That's right, the shops. Once there take a deep breath and repeat this mantra: "I am man enough to shop, I am man enough to shop…" Once you are centred, look for shops that might carry items to match your list. Go inside one. Stand there for a few minutes to build your strength because you are going to have to ask for help. It's okay, no one here knows you, and so you'll be safe. Now go up to the sales clerk and ask your question: "My wife likes scuba-diving, John Grisham novels and vanilla hand lotion. Can you help me?" Once she finishes laughing, she'll track down just the right thing.

Have the gift wrapped at the store. Don't tell yourself you can wrap it cheaper. Even you don't believe you'd do it.

Hide the gift for ten days to two weeks. Then, and this is important, take it back. Your first attempt at buying the perfect gift will never be right. And if you return the gift now, your wife will never know what an awful mistake you almost made.

Start Again. Go to the top of this list but this time think about HER!

Follow these little steps and I guarantee you, you will buy the perfect gift for the one you love.

Gabrielle Lacopino
Thanks Darling