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reaching 40° C. (104° Fahr.), and the pulse 160. Severe pains were experienced in

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In all of the cases presenting Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus

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loins and abdomen, arching oi the loins, vulva red and

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tect the injured parts from pressure. In the treat-

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Definition. — An acute, epidemic, contagious disease, not found at

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portion of the abdomen, it need not restrict its movements,

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Spencer Wells tells us that if he had separated the unfavourable cases in

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pork is better and freer from trichinae than the European

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of the bony framework of the thorax visible, but the intercostal spaces

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the same effect when a horse goes from home, or enters

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process. These points . . . clearly point to the fact that ]uis is fluid

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Is there more than one mode of Version ? If so, describe

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is the occurrence of acute nephritis, and experimental investigation has

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at least equal protection. But this is not all ; the profession

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During the menstrual flow, there must be no cold baths, foot baths,

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The new discoveries in connection with many questions in

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Fowl cholera, bacterial disease (infectious leukaemia) frequently mistaken

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oark-colour^, iivjeoted, and ecchymosed ; that covering the bowels was here and there in a

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This relates to the organisms in the flies intestinal tract, from

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and irritable from disease, who at first might strike

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loosening of the teeth and free salivation were formerly

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the morning of the 29th of October we were favored with a

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notable characteristic of the times, influencing those who

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very abundant discharges of pus per rectum. Under symptoms of continued fever

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wrist; and, therefore, bleeding from them must be controlled by

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of the microscope for diagnostic purposes, and if the bacillus

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* Commanicat«d to the Sooi^t^ d« Chirargi«, PariA.

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tion of quinine in rheumatism, and from my observation of a few cases in which

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39), and their processes extend towards or into the tract. In

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prejudices to the natural organs God fashioned with his own hands. This

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minor operations) by the Surgeons in charge. Fee for three months' course,

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to unfamiliarity with all of the conditions essential for the accurate employ-

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good hands and a good seat, are the four qualities most

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