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Causation and description. — This is an affection occurring mainly
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one hundred thousand cases each, no such case of natural immunity had
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By A. Tbovbsrajj, FrofeBsor of Clinical Medicine, kc, Ac Trans-
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or a compound paralysis of the oesophagus and pharjrnx. When the oesopha-
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nail . It is preferable to do the procedure in a “closed” fashion
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used in 60 cc. salt solution. In this preliminary test the mixture must always be
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very poor in saline ingredients. Climatic and telluric conditions may
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and who had taken the belladonna during four or five days only,
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allow it to continue the offices of life for years, provided care
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the central nervous system. My observations on the human neuroglia are
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helpful. I tried a salt-free diet with one patient without any success.
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elevated me. None of this would have been possible without you. I love you both very
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vehicle of its introduction into the system.^ Lead sometimes enters into the
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respective specialties with the most interest. Beyond that
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filthy water then supplied by the Lambeth Company, the Gov*-
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plifhments. But we mention them as circumftances which will
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separating albuminous matter from the blood be accomplished
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to Dr. (}. Sanderson Brock, to whom details were given
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liberty, and no bleeding occurred. At the end of some days it was
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tilled with copaiba^ thus giving injections which act both
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noted gravity of disease. The average duration in fatal cases in children
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for carefully enough and that these deficiencies not only
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occasionally, though not often, fatal. It sometimes happens that the
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movable right kidney, have been known to give rise to jaundice by pressing
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and slack times. It contains calendar, usual tables as to weights, measures, dose,

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