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mythology, both general and medical, resembled that
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The morgue book, kept by the hospital corpsman on duty in the
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of the periosteal elevator in liberating the inner fragment. You
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kinds of snake poisoning, except perhaps cobra poisoning, in which case
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epiglottis may be seen as a white cartilage curving forward over
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requires debridement and systemic antifungal drugs. Al-
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of the pulse was noticed extending over several weeks, and of the
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withdrawn they immediately resume an equilibrium after the
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the spread of a foot and mouth disease among cattle in that
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Membranous Enteritis. Fiske Fund Prize Dissertation, No.
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to be a dangerous two-edged sword. The best form of sarsaparilla was the
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ble medicine in the treatment of diseases of horses and
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Applied Anatomy and Associate in Surgery in the Univer-
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The Corps News is also issued separately from the Journal, and can be subscribed for at
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light in the neck and forequarters they may be left until
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which always brings it within the sphere of action of a blood-
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on Scholarships, honor scholarships in the Senior Colleges, covering the tuition
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Fellow in Surgery, was appointed recently as dean of the
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suspensory ligaments are very powerful, and if the back
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parently unfavorable circumstances, he can nearly always realize an
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rheumatism, or in the course of serious diseases, main-
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pain and discomfort in passing water. The question which all
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it must be preserved, covering it as much as possible with such serous
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the colour of brick-duft •, there is a third, and the
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stituents of the blood, {h) Primary, Essential, or Idiopathic Ancemia.
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on and v/ell laced up, and told her to get up and walk. There
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spread of hepatitis A in day-care centers. The presence of
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roy the memory, and weaken all the faculties of the mind.
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a meeting of one veterinary association, the author reported
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ment that the condition was caused by arrest of devel-
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it, the principal of these processes being fermentation. The
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** akMighin^ diancre" — ^a sore now known to have in most
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of December. On the 2nd of January she was taken ill with a sore
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