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F. Norris, of Philadelphia ; vice-president, Dr. Has-
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continuation of or second portion of "My Will" which
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visible in the midst of the fluid were, in his eyes,
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' it is desirable that all diseases should be reduced
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to go on, assured that our future must be one of ever-
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be trained to become great racehorses. A great stallion, of
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the same or cause them to be destroyed at or before the time or times
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total ventilation of the lungs, the evaporation of moisture from the
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Thus he will be provided with the means of making in the sick-room a
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was found in the liver as in the case reported by Dr. McConnell, there
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Dr. M. Linquist, of Connecticut, called attention to " Mango,"
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could be felt ; the cough thus forced the tube out. The author has
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The inhalation of put rescent matter is a cause, such as
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one above, the other below the elbow, and then sought admission into hospital
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cers of the Medical Department, United Stdtes A rmy,
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tion tracts, although the meaning of a word may be perceived without all
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more severe by pressure. The increase in the volume of the liver is
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become very much exercised about the health of the city and its cleansing, with
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fingers or anything else; do not attempt to wash it or remove particles
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by preference, and the anode ^(positive electrode) is then to be
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tinued by the professors of chemistry and geology. During
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spected the entire stock (over twelve hundred horses) weekly, then
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tion was made from our side of Achi Baba. We can remember,
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and swelling gradually extended, so that on the i;;th
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pepper and minced parsley. Squeeze lemon juice upon them,
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that the normal obliquity of the forearm can thus be pre-
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The toxie value of venoms. — Calmette has worked out a table of the
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patients die. The danger to life, according to Litzmann' s experi-
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when you read your paper on your method of resuscita-
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