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and, if it can be elicited, is never very severe. The

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ear while endeavouring to discover defects of the other. The remaining

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hours the mixture is filtered, and the filtrate mixed with an

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attention was given to the case for forty -eight hours af-

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lameness and possibly a swelling of a joint mislead the

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a faint suspicion of fluid. Operation showed a multinodular fibroid

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men who before his day had given their lives to the

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unnecessary. Other caustics, as caustic potassa in stick, chro-

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who should, probably, be classed with them. These cases were re.

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pours, which are thought to be deflructive to worms,

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Cutaneous Manifestations. The eruption most commonly seen is a

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Case II. — Mr. M , aged 25, family consumptive on mother's

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took place, but no deformity of the chest resulted. This successful

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That each interne ansesthetist be accompanied by an assistant

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data, and the result of too slight experience to be

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but little in common from a clinical point of view ; the grave cases run

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succeed by increasing the duration of the disinfecting process, Avithout

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each joint on the stem, the flower is green, and scentless.

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source, that is, whether from the V.u\wy or the blad-

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are not merchants and manufacturers, but organs and functions.

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state, the disturbance and possible upset of the nucleus-plasma

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Allergic pharyngitis and agranulocytosis, erythematous rash, fever combined with act

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before being shipped from Esbjerg was incapable of direct proof.

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1. SMALL-POX. Variola, or small-pox, is certainly the most

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public good, else their co-operation cannot be secure. Hence

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optic nerve atrophy, whether jn-imary and associated with general nervous disease,

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mice was her daughter's "biggest fan," attending all of her

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which frequently occurs in administering the antidiphtheritic

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and a half mummified, three to four months' placenta (speci-

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a woman's sexual feelings gradually lessen, but are

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Very common in moist, partly shaded ground in the hills and

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83 Hertzman C, Wiens M, Bowering D, Snow B, Caine D: Parkinson’s disease: A

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