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plain with its characteristic color. Blue Grass Creek, July 8, 1894

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General paralysis is commonest among Anglo-Saxons, rarest among

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the transverse processes. Radiographs of other cases

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grade of intelligence, vanity, egotism and emotional

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the brain &c, have occurred, opium is demanded most imperatively. These

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the truth of Lord Byron's criticism, " More men die by

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poration purchased a suitable house and land at Winthrop

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the top of the box with a cushion and tack a frill around the

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10 per cent, solution. The treatment was continued in this way,

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Middle, Right: Andrea Todaro, Sherisa Warren, Erin Griffin, Dr. Warren Lushia, and Dr. Pat Heist take a moment for a picture break.

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•616928 Sanarelli, J. La fievre jaune. Paris [1898].

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who had been a sufferer for years with urethral inflammation and

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abound in particles of a septic description. An exceptional case

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To Receipts from sale of Farm Products |595 82 $595 82

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upon a ten per cent, solution of gelatin, it invades to

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lieved by the vomiting produced by vin. ipecac), until

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inebriety the writer turns his attention to the exciting causes.

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