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developed so much since '61, received no recognition.

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1715. Dr. Elisha Cooke of Boston, Mass., died agad 78 years.

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hemorrhage. The patient, however, recovered, his faecal fistula closed spon-

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to seize the iris in the centre of the section, draw it

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Convalescence is generally completed rapidly and easily,

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this remedy entirely fails, the eruption ia connected with a

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with a small quantity of the basis into a smooth, impalpable paste, the

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set aside, and prepare for the next jar. Be sure and skim the

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it may be impossible to obtain a correct reading of the

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in old age. The official report for Norway gives the number of cured cases

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The use of these medicines in the treatment of disease is

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as the seat of least resistance. The co-existence of syphilis

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A woman, aged 28, died of peritonitis, caused bj an old perforation of the

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barre, Pennsylvania, and on Friday last another suffered death at

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physical or especially of its chemical properties, to act injuriously on the parts

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in the morning. But surely the less liability to cold, the greater tendency

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ascending colon lay to the left of the middle line ; in my case

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One of these was able to follow his trade, until the circumstances

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the sounds of the gravid uterus, or of the foetus in process of birth, a

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after inoculation. This shows that food materials which are not handled

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f A daughter of iEsculapius, worshipped by the Greeks

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three inches lon<^, ln-i^inning about one incli below the enni-

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the talents before him ? Is it not at once the prerogative

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of the capeale of the liver appeared to be merely part uf the

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solved in 95% alcohol, the salt separating as pale yellow rhombs,

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the same or cause them to be destroyed at or before the time or times

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his objection to the latter being that the cicatricial tissue clos-

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border and threatens the fovea. Lesions located at or near the fovea or optic

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them, must be restricted to the same. Healthy animals of the above

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