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among whites, and 130, or 20 per cent, among negroes. According

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ment of cervical lymph-nodes and a venous network on the thorax.

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and may re-form. If, however, it does not, the patient may commence to

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to place in an asylum for if she were compelled to as-

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them ; let us all admit the same, and allow the truth

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of its principles becomes absorbed.f Pitch, as a remedy for

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is indeed difficult to collect much evidence of the

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duct and the first portion of the choledoch duct were so blended

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heart, by its alternating contractions and relaxations, and by the back-

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Coca Leaves have been recommended by Ringer as valuable in FBBRIJLE DISORDERS,

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going is less than half, and sometimes a distinct ad-

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knife employed must first be dipped in carbolized olive oil (one

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before Gesellsch. d. Charite-Aerzte, 2. Feb.] <Berl. klin. Wchnschr., v. 25

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or if now and then they do happen to make their way into the circulation,

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to 1845, no less than 1,150 children were destroyed in Phila-

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This opinion he arrived at from the consideration of purely epidemio-

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When severe symptoms are not ameliorated by other means, or

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years." Lancisi tells of many other cases, quoting especially the

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the grains are soft. The linseed tea and bran may be

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Gunn, Lang, Morton, Worth and Parsons. There are four sur-

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abused. They are universally used to excess, and by many who

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resistance come into play. The fall in blood pressure following these acts

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morphia, even in great excess, is not sufficient alone to prove testamentary

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names of delinquents, or to sue, as seems to the clerks most condu-

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