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there at the regions through which the excursionist conducts us.

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Asylum, Washington, D. C. ; late Vice-President of the Medical

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The group asked also that the American Medical Asso-

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Dr. Frederic L. Classen ('81), Albany, N. Y., died August 13, 1920.

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be detected by its use. Dr. Wm. Mackie {Medical News, June

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the following manner: Powdered sulphate of iron, two

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more restful period on the viewpoint beyond, he paid the penaltv

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a number of cases were worked out beforehand, the results could be

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vicks dayquil sinus liquicaps dosage

every day were eaten with relish, with rapid gain in weight, and perfect

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subsequent communications, '* points out that his cases

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driven in a greater volume through the brain. We cannot say that either

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9. The value of the pupil and conjunctival reflex in gauging the

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lature to obtain for osteopathy kindred recognition to

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1915. Pfeiffer, Damon B., A.B., M.D., Assistant Professor of

vicks dayquil sinus liquicaps ingredients

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ment for the financial year ending the thirty-first day of March, one

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rather than extravagant. Note that in this showing our states

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considerably increased, unless the pores are simultaneously closed.

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faces between the plates were freely scarified, and the action of the

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ana even impossible, to say with Certainty what the disease

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isting lesions in the sclera, a slight haze appears with-

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with the hand pressed firmlji^at against the skin until it

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liberal diet The electric treatment caused a rapid amelio-

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the aneurism, it was thought unadvisable ( round the end of the humerus. The sig-

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a claim is made of being the first ovariotomist, by reason of an operation which

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standing these diiferences, the pressure is continuous, to a certain de-

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was supposed to have been the source of the infection, was banished for life under

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most strenuous efforts to the contrary. And it is a matter of

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an eruption of plaques." He further states that he " took great|

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of the knee is a nasal reflex. The concurrence of asthma and nasal

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in a pint of warm water and inject twice a day. In obstinate cases a stronger

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since it once more calls attention to the fact that the kidney has

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extent from those found by Bidder and Schmidt" in a

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