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transplantation, but with much smaller islands of living tissue. The

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involved, to a correspondingly greater or less degree, in the pro-

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very little redness of eyeball. Patient refused to stay in bed, and

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use of nitro-glycerine published in the St. Peters-

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from 120 to 130 per minute, and the temperature from 103

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occupy at the present day, is largely due to the ability of

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The leave of absence granted Surseon J. B. Ludlow, U.S.Y., in Spe-

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large numbers ; and, according to a letter in the Savannah " Re-

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been working on the problem for some time, and it is interesting

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treatment of fracture of the patella, 207; hydatid of the liver, 402.

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Though we are still far from realizing the dream of a single Interna-

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by hand. All dry scraping and pumicing of painted surfaces are

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Practice. By Henry Beasley. Second American, from the Sixth

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stronger is the evidence of some septic influence which is lowering

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looks trivial (the little puncture in the tense palmar

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Ulceration and funt»uH growth occurred in only one

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with antipyrin. After the flow of tears has ceased, which

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liberal diet The electric treatment caused a rapid amelio-

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ised tuberculosis small doses of tuberculin repeated every

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which she had laboured led me to suspect some morbid change in the

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for example, with low and flat foreheads have frequently exag-

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infants is, the Boston Mediccd Journal thinks, worthy of trial. We all know

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bid conditions — relations of affinity, relations of antagonism.

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protection ; in other cases the upper surface must be bev-

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was born in Mallow, in 1816, and became an articled pupil to a

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proteins depends on the fact that they have powerful pharmacologic

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that the biliary and glucogenic functions of the liver were very

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ike. We notice in the January number the organization of the

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from helpless families. Now all these evils, and those before adverted to,

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