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their studies before 1st October 1896; £15, 15s, to those who began

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are most important symptoms of mental diseases and investiga-

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3d, it was a centimeter in diameter and had ulcerated.

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•eyen months he nas been unable to pass any urine whatever

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features of these joint manifestations are that while the pain may be intense,

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were extensive adhesions to the under surface of the liver and to

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ing any. Later on in tlie disease, when the patients generally

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He came to the hospital not long ago and there is the

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serve as a reserve of nutritive material for emergencies, and to act

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heart. The consequent curtailment in the systolic discharge does not,

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seemed comfortable. 2. When asleep they sometimes moved as if shifting for

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Experiments with pure caffeine did not give as striking results

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— improves cardiac failure by effecting an improved heart

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the sixth being cylindrical-celled epithelioma. The one death

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The acid residues SO3H, and CO.,H (in the latter case salicylic acid being

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showed to be in the first temporal convolution. Thirdly,

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using, as a poultice, oakum wet with warm water and

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self-control that, when asked the simplest question, they

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that fade when the skin is stretched : in outline they are irregularly

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Anything which will gently, gradually, almost unconsciously, give

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the dark, with dread fastening on the heart as surely

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the incision about one inch in depth, and nearly one in length. Black

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