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mortality to one-tenth of that following the expectant or medical
desipramine rxlist
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patients are all cured ; elsewhere that the number of deaths are
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other, on a man utterly enfeebled by old j and weakens them, though it rarely does
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which occurs in a special site. Where recovery occurs, partial absorption of the
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The patient states that the amount of hsdmorrhage was
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We learn to ride bicycles by tumbling off until we can balance
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action of these tubes; or, in other words, a contraction of the fibres
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sidence of the immediate symptoms, the foreign body sometimes
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trace the pain over the anatomical distribution of the nerve,
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soldiers 23, or 17 per cent., were mirror writers. Soltmann^
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two distinct species of neuralgia seated in those parts; and adopt-
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Hia cases were those f j irarysis of the urinary org
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1. Mnch of the typhoid fever in the District of Columbia is im-
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whether they would be content to go together in the
desipramine clinical uses
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shown by the dourine guinea pig in Figs. 1 and 2. This guinea pig
desipramine 25 mg tablet
of disease is little obedient to curative medicine, though not necessarily fatal,
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catgut is the proper ligature material for field p°nnade and immobiiiza-
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elitis and the diffuse myelitis occurring later in life in
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160 beds; Rotunda Hospital, 1700 labours intern, 1800 extern annually — Fee, for
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This book comes fW)m a high source. Dr. Bedford stands before the
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as an apology to our readers for our not always bestowing that attention upon the
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full share in all that a century of learning, of culture,
desipramine online pharmacy
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in the dead larynx cut out, be pulled up in half-a-dozen folds
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The group asked also that the American Medical Asso-
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Althaus in the Medical Times and Gazette, says: — If patients suffer-

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