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Never set before the sick a large quantity of food ; tempt

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successfully with quinia. In the cases where the paroxysms recurred, there

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I came here to-night much more desirous of listening to the remarks to

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then it will very likely prove to be one of the ever living

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washing out the wounds, that there have not developed in the military

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as most practitioners do, age and sex among its predisposing

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NiER, who had treated seven other cases by blind, regained a certain amount of distinct

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or doubtful case of enteric fever is thus comparatively easy, but it is quite

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“Generally, a hospice is a health care program em-

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animal is to be purchased in Venice or on the plains of Mongolia.

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Hospital the motto in every department is " Thorough^ It is in

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will be of interest to our readers, as showing the effici-

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Corresp.-Blatt filr schweizer Aerzte, 1889, 'No. 14. — 10. Etter. Corresp.-Blatt fur

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increase, the increase affecting the polymorphs mainly. In a cer-

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attacks of pain above the eyes. The discharge of mucus was

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plied, but diminishes its roughness and callosities ; like a true cosmetic,

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training, a fitness for exact observation, we should find in

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meDber i^ a Boanl to be eonTened In that ctn, fur Ibe euoilaltloD t

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(This animal died with symptoms of meningitis. >

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in other parts of the body; its seat is usually in the substance of

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injections, or suppositories, should be exhibited at bed-time, and

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took enough of that kind of gas he could have a tooth

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sion opened by Dr. C. B. Nichols, of Franklin Falls.

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of the symphysis pubis, and the delivery of a living child weighing

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epinephrin in a separate paper, 10 the time interval between the injec-

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3. The use of phosphorus in small doses for a long period of time is well

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usual amount of ozone, is uncertain. Dr. Pirrie seems, however,

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for the cure of Consumption, Rheumatic Pains, Cancers, Dyspepsia,

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or the puncture of a sub-cutaneous operation, seals them hermetically.

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