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abscess to point, and it is stated by one observer that the area
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1966. Raffensperger, Bruce W., 8811 Germantown Ave. (19118)
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establishments in the cattle-raising districts, with the faci-
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opportunity for lifestyle change. Physicians needed;
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and the adenoid network of the intestinal villus to the lacteal vessel. In
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B and C, during the stage of pituitrin action. Lower record = tuning fork
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actly to the number of motory nerve-fibres embraced by the current at its point of appli-
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presence is fairly constant, the most important being (1) that between the spinal
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In Scotland the matter is much better arranged ; there
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in adult males, and they were unilaterally produced by Schiff
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firmness to the chin and preserve somewhat of the normal out-
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pen to have been the equil of any operating surgeon
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belief that both were made under the delusion of past teach-
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rapidly disappears, the breath becomes offensive, the eyes lose their
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of St. Qoud, Minn., DR. G. F. ADAMS, of Pulaski, N. Y., DR. H. F. WIGGIN,
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occurrence of the injury. The ragged borders of the abdom-
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Hygroma cysticum colli and hygroma axillare. J. Am. M. Ass., 1914,
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recently, he has somewhat modified his opinions in this regard. In his letter to the
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often it should be more loudly heard at the apex than at the site
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water passes inward to the salt more rapidly than the salt passes out-
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close this part of my subject by a narrative of considerable
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ment, and the resulting lesions themselves may be quite different.
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when the moon is in Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, or Pisces ;
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old, and in children under four years of age, where no suspicion of
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another stitch a little lower down, immediately outside of the
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it would seem, but also for those of our editorial pre-
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gland, which has no duct, called the spleen ; it is dark colored and
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In both cases the urea index showed considerable variation from
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and it is likely that that traumatism was a fracture.

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