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Thus, the injury, though in general remarkably symmetrical, was slightly

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dilute solutions needed for burns, erysipelas, &c, and for such

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Some foreign bodies, even when sharp-pointed, seem to be

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the free application of a thin zinc-ichthyol cream. It is worthy of

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him breathing like a person in croup, the soft palate

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and when perfectly cold, bottle, and having placed a small

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According to text-books pregnancy complicated by uterine

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and edema. Acidosis as estimated by both the alveolar carbon dioxid and actual

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have ear-ache — if it he restless and fretful — the doctor is sent for,

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caoutchoucine, bisulphuret of carbon, and chloroform.

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backwards and forwards, but not upwards and outwards;

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ful cases of the removal of foreign bodies from the stomach had

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nicious anemia) and the so-called degenerated secondary anemias. The

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At the end of 8 months, he again took cold from getting his feet

eucerin redness relief night cream walgreens

A typical spot appeared similar to a nevus or freckle but

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Sight now only dim, I believe from dilation of pupil and

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feet comes on whenever she has been going about for some

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Memoir of John P. Garrish, M. D. By William T. White, M. D.,

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had all the appearances of chronic intestinal stasis, and the

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very apt to lead to enlargement of the mediastinal glands,

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leg unless the patient will stay in bed until the vesicle has healed, an objec-

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this should prove ineffectual the biniodide of mercur)^ ointment

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Miss Voilet Trench, a well-known member of the panel of lecturers

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of acne, and ringworm of the scalp. The Finsen light in old patches

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expense, for their accommodation will'require to be increased.

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hands showed fine point-like projections. The fifth metatarsal bones showed

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Having our Factory, with steam power, ample machinery, and experienced workmen, connected

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suffered the most relative reduction are those in relation to the

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Seasonal Enlargement of the Parotid Glands. By Philip Turner, M.S.

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2 tbs., sprinkle it on the muslirooms, and when they

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this, that if you are well, a particular remedy, or drink,

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tant intervals — [p. 12.] I may here remark that,

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