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hitting his leg, allow him to go out without a regular
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spleen if cooling and evaporation be avoided. By irritation and section
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One of the two rooms of the department is a convenient
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Bjinptoms: 15 of these had never taken mercury, and were all speedily cured by
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the attention of physicians to the cutaneous and pulmonary
him from one of the most inconvenient offices, charging and collecting
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for some days ; this was perceptible to me two days ago."
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have sometimes found a few scattered casts after prolonged
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diately after the closure, circulation ceases behind the plug, and
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his operation is a success and all the rest are failures. They will all
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fecting buildings freely open to the air, infected yards, parks,
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and fortieth part of a grain of the salt) may be administered thrice
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observation his opinion is of unquestioned value. This is not sur-
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each. From whooping-cough, New York three, Baltimore two,
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the spot, upon the equipment and essential hospital supplies being
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origm of asthma, and these quotations will be found to be
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When writing to advertisers please mentign the Medical Age.
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paper article which has been -ent me. to bring the matter
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noted. When it becomes permanently alkaline in reaction, or is
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studies and pursuits pleasant to me in earlier years, but
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On the principle that there is only one broad plat-
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the high appreciation in which, as a writer, he is held abroad, and which
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border of the ribs on the right side. It is very perceptible that
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less powerful than the League of Red Cross Societies seems ade-
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Arifltida purpurea, Nutt. Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. (II.) v, 145 (1833-37).
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adapted to exhibit the movements are young but sexually mature rabbits which
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