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important anatomical particulars from the somatic series, there
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washing with warm soapsuds and the application of cre-
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necessary in order to effect the convulsions; if circulation was allowed to continue in any one
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are of value in estimating the probable severity of any case of
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one is found which clearly began in the air vesicles.
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term is used in its most comprehensive sense ā€” are
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facts and practices of a succeeding age. Every branch of the science
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Here is a patient who has used alcohol all his life-time.
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circulation ought to be avoided ; while agents which weaken the
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physical deformities, or are otherwise afflicted in a manner that
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Section on Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Dr. Thomas L. Booth, Salem,
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operation, and witliout return of the disease. His ex-
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borate. Allow the last two to stand a few minutes before
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structures over the swelling, a mass of fat was soon reached (as is often the
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1901 cā€” Idem. [Abstract of 1901 a, by E. Riggenbach] <Zool. Centralbl.,
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medical agent can, in the actual state of science, be regarded as made clear.
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are concerned, we must look for some other condition
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thoBO he attends, is more likely to be successful in his treatment, tlujn one who
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months before inoculations were begun, when cough, accompanied by a
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resuscitator, dilating the sphincter ani, will revive them. The Little
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Physiology and Biophysics. Clinical Associate Professor
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be repeated as often as necessary. The patient should be observed
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would surely have proved unpopular with the students. The chief
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masses are crushed and placed under the microscope, they give the
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Turning to the consideration of the physiological properties of
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shaved two or three days before operation, washed with green
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gray horns, and occupying, therefore, both the lateral limiting layers and the
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England and Wales, owe their intrinsic and permanent value to the fact
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but it is written to call the attention of the section to
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being responsible, in those which show no abnormality of

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