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with the phagedsenic, and the gangrenous sores. Thus, four kinds

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the subject of gonorrhoea. The best evidence that it is highly

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Mr. J. Shaw, Veterinary Surgeon and Prof, of Vet. Med. in

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Page, Frederick. [M. D., Surgeon, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Royal Infirmary.]

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(Phylline monticellii e PlacuneUa vallei) <Atti Soc. Ligust. di sc. nat. e geogr.,

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phenomena, chest pains, and cough are lessened or disappear

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successful case published which has been thus treated. The

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in progress, they, as a rule, appear in the hospital returns with

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On the other hand, cf. the disease called ayara agandnt ' the breath of the

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virg. Bj., aq. camph. ad Jiv.; a tablespoonful at night, and to be

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elevated digoxm levels it is recommended that digoxm levels be monitored when initiating adiust-

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Sir Wm. H. Bennett (Lancet, Jan. 4, 1902) says that the

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check until this age, they may entirety disappear. It

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sclerosis ; I have seen such cases, but I am in doubt about the affinity of

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forcing down the abdominal viscera upon the pelvic.

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there since 1872. In Bessarabia 15,000 out of 36,000 persons

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in the stable a slide moistened with glycerine, to which the

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increased dimensions of the head, before producing separation of

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Uph. z= -f- Urea = 2.4 per cent. Chlorine, normal. E. P. = +

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Similarly in this series one of six cultures of the prostate harbored

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dum on this bill he states that he finds, by consulta-

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during the period of lameness. The tumor is the result of enlarge-

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fore this difference rather helps out the validity of the

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none is necessary, and such treatment is often prescribed

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two days, a distinctly visible culture. In general, the

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