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Arizona, Phoenix is a desirable place, and, taking it as a

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and rapidity, although they remain more frequent than normal for a

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the practical application of hydrotherapy in acute and chronic diseases,

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judgment, and tact; and opium and other narcotic poison-

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ferson school; afterwards resigning this chair and going to

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is normal or only slightly quickened throughout; and hence the increase

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have taught us that the disease occurs more frequently in females than

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takes nine pounds, and the province of Bombay, India, uses

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il^tiology. — The direct cause or special micro-organism connected

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occurrence in this disease may be beneficial, but my own observations tend

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of perforation, or 2.9 per cent; 23 of hemorrhage, or 1.2 per cent;

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the benefit of his self-denial, and when he died the world lost

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Another link in the chain in the diagnosis of enteric fever

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abandon it in favor of the first reliable medicinal antipyretics which

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a practical surgeon he was undoubtedly one of the greatest

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