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this disease than those who are advanced in years. Among my
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and the severe freeze following in September killed our
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2. Typhoid Fever, of which there was at the time an
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At Dr. Carmalt's suggestion the meeting was held here and
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acknowledges that this method is attended with disadvantages, especially
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not be predicated no irresponsibility was granted. Later the
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On physical examination there was tenderness and rigidity
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among the local Associates is not at all likely to raise a suspicion of the
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a free movement of the bowels. They had never lasted more than 24
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most part to pyogenic bacteria, streptococci, micrococci, colon
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time on three successive days. This method of fractional sterili-
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twenty-two different parts of the book. At first sight it would
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the course of time, as in our coal field, another of those
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relation to the depression is shown by the fact that the vesicles on the
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colour. The skin elsewhere presented no abnormality. The fingers
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tration, and when adsorbed the metallic ion (Al**-) takes
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The following case of traumatic asphyxia is reported to the
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would be coincident with that of the hemolysin. This, however, is
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•3477 (45) Italy. Codice di commercio del regno d'ltalia.
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may be congestion and sweUing of Peyer's patches. Sometimes ulcera-
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possibilities of such variations are almost infinite. The considera-
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shown in figures 3, 4, 5, and 6, respectively. Routine cystoscopy with
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*0..cloud7i C., clear; F.,falri G..fogi H..h>i7; B., imokyi R., nini T.,UiT«mt
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of postoperative ileus remains largely unresolved. Now,
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of bright vermilion colour (containing two microscopic
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male and that of the female. We see this in the shape of the skull ; in
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a white sauce, made of two spoonfuls of broth, a piece of mace,
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ou^ht to be tried before we concede the impossibility of
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further information. The same remark applies to diarrlicea, which is
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in 18.35, headed, "Description of a Microscopic Entozoon infest-

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