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Skin Diseases, Blackfriars ; Surgeon for Diseases of the Skin at the West London

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incision and drainage. Some of the cases reported by Mr. Teale

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and rapidly poured into the lard ; the vessel is then briskly agitated for

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weeks of the patient's residence in hospital, he has not had the

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This fracture is easily diagnosed, and, if simple, can be suc-

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same loyal enthusiasm of all cultivated classes. In

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exponent. Guided by its excellent moral, social, and ethical precepts,

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nection with the entire organism, our only surprise

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Textus) vitacarnis eltin fanguine- Hicigi- ^'^"•'''•

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preservation of health. And I shall not allude to those great

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cultures from the skin. Some of the yellow cocci can readily be mistaken

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to obtain such apparatus readily was a practical ob-

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motor fibres of paralyzed parts ; although we are ignorant as yet of the manner

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geon any symptom of disease in their respective exhibits. (5.) In

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Cheesman, Dr. W. S., heart-lesions in rheumatic fever,

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she insisted that Dr. F. had saved her life, and that the baby was the


pression at the moment of emission into the bladder; or the blood of the

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eters given by Dietlen for civilians differ slightly, but not materially,

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respects interesting, case, was doubtless owing to an altered

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So much for the more limited though not less important

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forms of disease, its absorption into itself (as now) of its Typhoid prede-

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to fractures of the thigh. It anatomically secures a correct-

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which perhaps is inherent in my nature, I have sought

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relieving a distended abdomen, which examination showed to be filled

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most probable it was due to the fact that the grain planted

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of the 27th and fell to 28.047 inches at 9 a.m. of the 22nd.

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patients large dishes of oatmeal or other cereals, with freshly sliced

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and the cavity perceptibly diminishes. Tbis decrease in the cavity

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cohol lamp. An ordinary needle may be used as a scarifier, but the

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