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fatal course without any pseudo-apoplectic or epileptiform fits. In the

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arsenal, at the rate of at least 50 to 100 per week. Subsequently also on

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have defective teeth, but they are not of the specific type.

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A study of the actual causes of death, in the regis-

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Areola preceding Cancer of the Mammary Gland." The whole paper is

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a diminuendo murmur; the sign < represents a crescendo murmur.

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ber, gave the results of the first rehabilitation program

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size, though it still contains 760 pages. It is especially valuable

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quick (above a hundred) and small, her skin was warm but not hot ;

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case partly on account of the urgency of tlie case, and partly

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made to correct or prevent deformity, by re-arranging the

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We have been somewhat familiar with the former editors of this

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last century it was proposed in Germany by Haussmann and

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the diphtheritic process from the genitals to other parts of the organism, the

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bronchus, and that the alteration of which it was the seat was a nar-

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on being thus relieved, is ordered to Fort Grant, Arizona,

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pains and dysenteric stools. The onset in such cases is very insidious

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0.87c HC1 was attempted and the residue brought into solution. In order

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and free of any undue sensibility, heat, or fulness. I fully coincided in

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3. It is the stoppage of the blood, and exudation of the liquor san-

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between le haul mal et le petit mal, but which evidence, it must be

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vital information to the Social Security Administration to

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ing of the members of the medical and legal professions

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those who have the management of the insane the cause of

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life of the individual wa£( concerned. We found such a piece of

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this species is quite different from the endameba that causes dysentery;

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Hinckes-Bird ventilator is made of the opening between two ordi-

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stance of the brain or of the neuroglia and consequent dilatation of

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place a lamp or candle in it, and fasten it on the outside cf the

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wanting. Subsequent experiments convinced him that his first conclu-

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of this statement there is not the least doubt, and the non-contagionists

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Case I. — Peptic Ulcer. — Miss R. S., age thirty years. This

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ingested with food. Smith and Tennant claimed that the secretions

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TvE.s,v>KY^ August 6th : Buffalo Medical and Surgical Associa-

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hospital sixty-four days, when he was discharged, apparently

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commonly foimd in a state of passive congestion, while the color of its

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base. In such cases the operation is indicated not only

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discovered, occupying the left lobe of the liver. This

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at the same time the scapula is made to perform a partial revolution on its

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Vaughn and James Tyson. Such authors as the above are a guarantee of excep-

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pure oxalic calculi, if they exist, would demonstrate that the "oxalic

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Sometimes I have been able to increase the strength ; sometimes I have

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