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several boxes of soiled articles of bedding and clothing direct from the

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pieces of bladder tied securely, stand them in a boiler with cold

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prophecies of theirs were addressed more to the nurses

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on the contrary, by wider movements, the necessary condi-

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tween the vaginal and vesical tissues. The strong muscular structure

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and significantly improving morbidity and mortality rates

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from the cradle in the exalted precept that it is pusillanimous

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It is often the case when a heifer has her first calf that

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attacks — by the use of iodide of potassium, in doses

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advantages: It will furnish all the pressure that can pos-

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When phenol is dropped on the skin, alcohol, if used promptly,

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at all it is almost invariably preceded by marked disability. This

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announces, says an exchange, that after the payment of all

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Proceedings appended to the printed report of the Field Hospital

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But, whilst this increased secretion of gastric and intestinal fluids

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for a walk in the field nearest the stable, so that he

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June, was in the left ear, and that t!ie pain now was in

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No. 1, Vol. I. of this new journal is on our table. Wo

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is the extraordinary rapidity with which laryngology reached a

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each other, and never seen in rolls or piles, and equally

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Evidently there are many points of central and national administra-

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possible," the accouchement ford, that is, the tearing or cutting open

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have ope rated on with success ; for, as I said, I know no means of ascertain-

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the stomach, abscess of the liver, etc., etc. Foreign bodies

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particular vegetabla peculiar to the locality, and which remained green

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the diaphragm is also shown by the depression in the kidney, this organ

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