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or hearken, however reluctantly, to the silly twaddle of a string
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which time the child had the canker worse than has occurred in any
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complained of pain at the extremity of the rectum, which was sel-
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ous acid, two pounds ; sulphate of iron, two hundred and
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was among the earliest physicians in this section. Diseases usually as-
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therapy employed. Inspection and cooperation by reputable physicians invited. Rates very reasonable.
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them the safest and best that can be possibly be found
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cians had been added to the staff of the Lenont Peterson
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On the other hand in that of May, 1907, the taking of tem-
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ease has been created by a beneficent Creator, and sent into the world,
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each meal, she vomits all that she swallows. All kinds of treat-
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alteration in the sounds of a heart, which is free from mur-
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mediated. For example, studies in primates have shown
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reliefs, but I have learned afterwards that some of our bearers
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according to the complications to which the renal affection has
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84. Report on Cutaneous Statistics, derived from Private Practice. Dr. H. S,
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The csccum and colon, besides having stronger muscular
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in Medicine. B.E.E. 1965, City College, City University
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years in the investigation of this subject, tend to corroborate the
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support to the uterus, fails of its normal function and
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an ovarian tumour; and it was drawn forth by observations such as
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this work and in the writing of the manuscript and take public
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necessary, followed by easily digeisted nourishment.
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Professor Allman. — Eeport on the Reproductive Organs of the Hydroid
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ized, and recruit a special clientele among the students :
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its diffuse form, I believe it to be closely allied to the sloughing
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amplitude distorts the ST segment only insignificantly.
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members of the Association ; to appoint from its body a sub-committee of two (from
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in reality due to iodine which is present in too small amounts to be
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of buckwheat in a cornfield is no less a weed than a thistle
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hoeck two centuries ago, and Linnaeus the botanist shortly after-
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son, may make written application to the upon his own application, without due pro-
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