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readers for further information, if it should be thought
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Arrangements for similar purposes should protect them-
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only with the movements which simulate those of tic, while at another
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the veterinary profession has taken in the scientific investigations
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patient found this position, with the head inclined towards the
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from the mouth, and the expectoration contains very few
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must yet elapse before it can be completed. We sincerely trust, however, that
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districts where the country is innocent of fences for many
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be so delicately exercised as to meet not only daily, but
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catch one foot in a running noose suspended from some
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of making the bleeding more alarming. Having no haemostatics
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When, in the l^eginning of October, I returned home from a long vacation trip, I
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1 T, palustre as the most characteristic vegetation.
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On examination of the right eye with the ophthalmoscope,
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a catheter because of straining; he cannot do it himself. A soft
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and virtually flawless as far as breakdowns are concerned,” says Roger Jorgensen.
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The rational signs of i>eritoneal or visceral lesion
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pneumonia, in whatever position he may be placed. When, how-
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be a product of disintegration of leucocytes, for serum exuded
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shown by Anstie that the administration of alcohol in the low
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sanitary authorities of the county and the County Councils
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conscious. The family physician was at once called,
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silence due to absence of any stimulus to speak in his confused
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stages, when the trismus is diminishing and the spasms have
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struck upon a steel rail. As the result of this, the
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easily perceive that although solution may be effected in the test-tube
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entirely disappeared and the nose much improved, but
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that directs the cell to commit suicide. In a non-HeLa cell, the

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